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Children's Mosaic New Starter Navigation (2 x Half Days)

Short URL https://socialcare.ealingcpd.org.uk/courses/bookings/c_detail.asp?cid=23127 
Event code SC 24/089 
Event description

This is a TWO-PART course.  Attendance on BOTH parts of this course is essential and mandatory in order to be given full access to Mosaic.  User accounts in Mosaic are disabled automatically if the required training is not completed. 

Familiarity with Microsoft Teams is a requirement as this will be used for training delivery.

Childrens Mosaic New Navigation covers:

Introduction to information systems at Ealing
What to do, what not to do, obligations and expectations in respect of DPA1998
Case recording - what Ealing does differently
Logging in… and logging out
The Home Page and its contents
The differences between the various workviews
Language – ‘Workflow Items’, Requests, Actions
Toolbar options
Searching for and Finding Records (people, workers, orgs)
Use of wild cards in searches
Use of ‘sounds like’ search options
Finding client records via Recently Viewed or Case Allocations
Finding workers via Find Worker
Finding organisations via Find Organisation including use of wild cards
How to get Worker and Organisations entries updated and new ones added
Under Personal Details Menu
Update of basic details, addresses, telephone numbers
Creating Professional Relationships – GP, School, allocated Worker
Creating Personal Relationships
Warning Notes (and Staff Safety Panel, plus reference to CCD
General file notes
Workflow Items
Using Workflow Items – primary form, secondary forms, optional forms and etters
Workflow Item ‘Tool Tray’ – what the buttons do
Workflow Items control panel handout
Demonstrate use of ‘Start’ button to launch CFE
Workflow mapping
View workflow history
Documents (inc. attaching)
Ealing’s document naming convention
Case notes
Using Family Groups to record case notes and to upload documents
Requesting deletion of Workflow Items or Case Notes or Documents
Additional Information
Tabs (Health, Education, Offences, Registrations, Non-LAC Legal Status)
Changes to the Education tab (C&F only)
Child Protection History (spotting multiple registrations, transfers-in)
Restricted records
Where to get help and support
– Our contact details, Mosaic Support Team details
Where to find Ken and Stephen’s contact information
How to contact the Mosaic IT Team
What is in other training courses and modules and how to find them
CPD online – how to find it, what it contains, where to find ‘how to’ guide
Currently listed Mosaic training courses
How to request bespoke training sessions from Ken & Stephen
Looking at Ken and Stephen’s Outlook calendars

Training objectives  
Subject areas Children's Mosaic - All, Children's New Starters - Mosaic
Target audience Children and Families Social Care Staff
Venue Microsoft Teams (Online), ., . map
Admin contact Training Social Care (trainingsocialcare@ealing.gov.uk)
Event Commissioner Training Social Care (trainingsocialcare@ealing.gov.uk)
Course Costs
Standard cost£0.00
Start date Monday 8 April 2024
Times 13:30 - 16:30
End date Tuesday 9 April 2024
Number of sessions This event has 2 sessions. Click here to view session information.